May 6, 2021

Trending Kitchen Designs

Trending kitchen designs can dramatically change as the years go by. Spending more time at home has encouraged homeowners to embark on their very own home makeover journey. Whether you’re searching for small DIY projects or transformative changes, there are endless options to make the space special to your preference. Like most interior design features, kitchen design trends can change on ayear-by-year basis. Are you wanting to spice up your kitchen? There are endless routes you can take to keep up with the trends.

Two-toned cabinets

Grab a paintbrush and get to work! Monochromatic white kitchens will always be a classic design, but a current kitchen design trend is adding pops of color. Choosing which color to paint your cabinets can truly transform the space and let your creative spirit run free. Suppose your current kitchen has allwhite cabinets. Painting the lower cabinets a deep emerald green or sultry slate blue creates contrast from the bright white cabinets above. Another way to make two-toned cabinets unique to your style is by adding a bright pop of color. Show your spunky style by painting the lower cabinets a mint blue or pale yellow. Your two-toned cabinets will truly make a statement in your kitchen, no matter the colors you choose to use.

Metallic hardware

Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen! Updating the hardware on your cabinets is a simple way to give your kitchen a modern facelift. One of the popular trending kitchen designs is replacing your old hardware with metallic hardware. Shiny gold, silver, or brass fixtures draw attention to the small details of your kitchen. Small details, such as hardware choice, will beautifully tie all of your design elements together.

Luxurious sinks

A deep sink with built-in fun features makes the chore of dishes a less dreadful experience. Many homeowners spend much of their time at the kitchen sink. Make the experience enjoyable! Kitchen sinks come in many different finishes with a plethora of innovative features. Some sinks have cutting boards, drain boards, and drying racks build into the design. Touchless faucets with retractable sprayers are other updates that could come with modernizing your kitchen sink as well.

Statement range hoods

Range hoods were typically hidden beneath a cabinet above the oven in the past. Some would even say that range hoods were an eyesore in trends years ago. Throw the idea of hidden range hoods away because their presence is making a statement in 2021 kitchen trends! In trending kitchen designs, range hoods are mounted in many different colors, finishes, and styles to complement the kitchen. Some even add seasonal wreaths to their range hoods to add a special touch! Some people choose to match their range hood to the color of their cabinets, a wood finish, or metallic finishes.

Island with bar seating

Who doesn’t love additional seating options? Islands are a great innovative way to add storage and functional seating to your kitchen. Adding unique barstools to your island is a great way to further customize your kitchen. Whether you’re going for an industrial, cozy, or modern look, there are many barstool options available to customize your island! Another popular trend is adding a sink to the top of the island and a dishwasher on the side. These trending kitchen designs will continue to make your kitchen even more functional than it was before.

These are just a few of the many routes to stay on top of trending kitchen designs. Due to the national circumstances, American families are cooking more meals at home and spending more time in their kitchen. As we spend more time in our kitchens, ideas can certainly circulate in our imagination with ways to update our space. Every update and trend can be customizable to your personal style to make your house a home.