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Top 3 Pole Barn Building Regrets

Pole barn building comes with several customization options. You would think most people would get exactly what they want in the building process; however, some pole barn owners have regrets. These regrets may follow design choices made to stay within budget, a faster build rate, and various other reasons. Luckily, these regrets usually can be fixed—but it comes with a price! This goes to show you need to dive into your pole barn build with a precise plan. There are a few considerations to keep in mind about the choices you make before you go about building. Think about your needs prebuild, immediately after, and what you will need years from now. Do not make these mistakes yourself! Here are the top three most common pole barn building regrets.

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Galvalume Steel Panels

Galvalume Steel Panels Galvalume steel panels were created back in the late 1960s to elevate the substrate formulation for metal roofing. Steel panels will rust quickly without a layer of protective coating. Before galvalume was invented, contractors commonly used galvanized steel panels for metal roofing. Galvanized metal panels are created […]

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