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Metal Roofing Paint—Chalking and Fading

Metal roofing paint coatings are designed to stand up against the elements and look incredible for decades. A metal roof is often referred to as a lifetime roofing system. However, like all materials, the integrity of the metal roof will begin to deteriorate after its given lifespan. If you are concerned about your newly installed metal roof deteriorating early—no need to worry! In the Wagner Metal Supply product warranty, it guarantees the paint system on the metal panels will not chalk, fade, or lose adhesion during its lifespan. What exactly does this mean? We pride ourselves on the customer education we deliver. We are here to do just that! In the following paragraphs, we will thoroughly discuss what our Lifetime Limited Paint Warranty refers to.

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Metal Roof Maintenance | Preparing for the Holidays

Seasonal metal roof preparation is one of the top actions you can take as a homeowner for preservation. A metal roof hardly requires maintenance, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance at all! Skipping your seasonal metal roof preparation could damage the integrity of your roof. Keeping up with your metal roof maintenance is crucial for the long lifespan of the panels. The Midwest experiences ever-changing weather this time of year, so it’s best to be prepared! One day you’ll wake up, and it’s a crisp 55 degrees. However, tomorrow you could wake up to a few inches of snow. If you’re looking for a sign to begin your seasonal metal roof preparation for the winter ahead—here it is! You’ve invested your earnings to install this wonderful product on your home. Follow these metal roof maintenance steps to keep your roof looking amazing for decades to come.

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Glulam vs. Traditional Timber for my Pole Barn ?

Glulam (glue-laminated timber) is an engineered wood product used for structural construction applications. Wagner Metal Supply uses glue-laminated timber sourced from Titian Timbers for beams and columns to construct our pole barn kits. Glue-laminated timber provides extra strength, weather protection, and extended longevity for structures. Not all pole barn kits are created quite the same. Some pole barn constructions use traditional timber for their beams and columns. Traditional timber can do the job, so why do we use glue-laminated beams? Here is why!

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