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Sustainable Roofing

A sustainable roofing material reduces your carbon footprint made on the earth. Fortunately, homeowners are becoming more aware of the environmental impact they are making in society. We all carry the responsibility to make positive environmental choices, so the sustainability of our plant isn’t put in jeopardy.

Take a second to think about all of the elements that go into building a home. You need concrete to make the foundation. You’ll use timber to create the frame of the home. You may use bricks, blocks, and stones to landscape. What materials can you use to build your roof? Truly, it’s up to the homeowner. When attempting to remain sustainable, consider metal roofing. Metal panels are a fantastic sustainable roofing option. A roof is one of the largest components of the home. Choosing a sustainable material for one of the largest components of your home is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint in the world.


What makes a metal roof sustainable?

There are tons of roofing materials on the market. You could choose traditional asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate, clay, or even roofs made of greenery! This may spark your curiosity. How are metal roof panels more sustainable for the planet compared to other roofing materials? Green roofs are certainly ecofriendly, but they’re not necessarily practical for Midwest weather conditions. Our varying annual weather conditions require a durable, long-lasting roof to protect our homes. A metal roof certainly fits these requirements!

 The foundational values of sustainability are making present conscious decisions that won’t negatively affect generations in the future. The lifespan of a metal roof is one of its most sustainable characteristics. When you choose to install a metal roof, the roof will not need to be replaced for another 40+ years. To put the comparison into perspective, it’s recommended that asphalt shingle roofs are replaced every 20 years. Once you install a metal roof, you shouldn’t have to touch it for the rest of your life! Less material is being created, and less material is being thrown away over time.



If you’ve researched metal roofs before, you’re probably already aware of how incredibly energy-efficient they are. This sustainable roofing material combined with proper attic insulation/ventilation is the best energy-saving combination on the residential roofing market. Metal roofs do not absorb sun rays—contrary to many beliefs. Some say switching to a metal roof can decrease your heating and cooling costs by 40-50%. Metal roof coating formulations actually reflect the rays back into the sky. This keeps your home cool on hot summer days, as well as properly insulated in the harsh winter months.



Where do most home materials go when nearing the end of their lifespan? Unless the materials are taken by a secondhand store, they will most likely end up in a landfill. Choosing sustainable roofing is one of the best ways homeowners can close the recycling loop. One of the greatest characteristics about metal roofs is that they are 100% recyclable by the end of their lifespan. It may seem like a small decision now, but future generations will be thankful you chose a sustainable roofing choice!

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