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Steel siding is generally installed on commercial, agricultural, and industrial buildings due to the remarkable longevity properties—but homeowners are beginning to install metal siding on their homes as well. Wagner Metal Supply manufactures steel siding for a variety of different purposes in mind with many desirable colors to choose from. Steel updates on homes are becoming increasingly popular on commercial and residential buildings. We are here to supply contractors with all of the metal necessities to complete your metal siding project—no matter how big or small the construction is! Whether you’re installing siding for a huge commercial business, an animal barn, a recreation center, or even a residential home, Wagner Metal Supply will provide you with the best metal products in the area to complete your project with 100% client satisfaction.


Steel Siding Panel Options

You or the client you’re working with will help determine which siding panel fits best for your construction. When siding a commercial building we recommend to use our R-Panel siding. The R-Panel commercial system is installed vertically on commercial or industrial style buildings with exposed fasteners on the exterior of the siding. If your client is siding a pole barn, house, or garage our Ag- Panel system is another great choice for the job. Like R-Panels, our Ag-Panel is installed vertically with exposed fasteners on the exterior, but the Ag-Panel has a lower profile making it perfect for pole barns and residential homes. Lastly, we have our Super Loc 16 panel. This lifetime snap lock system also has a low profile like the Ag-Panel, but these panels lock into one another so exposed fasteners are not necessary. This is perfect for the client who loves the idea of metal siding, but doesn’t prefer to see exposed fasteners on their building.

Steel Siding

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Maintenance and Longevity

Steel siding panels are far easier to care for than vinyl or wood siding. Steel siding is a lifetime product that lasts for decades. A simple power wash every once in a while will keep your siding looking fresh and new for years. When you choose siding from Wagner Metal Supply the panels come pre-coated with WeatherXL paint by Valspar. This formulation line has a large selection of colors just as typical siding does. WeatherXL by Valspar increases the durability of the siding as well. It protects against color fading, chipping, and rust. Metal siding is extremely durable, but if for some reason a panel becomes damaged it is super easy to remove and replace if maintenance is necessary.

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Additional benefits


Steel siding delivers incredible longevity properties. They’re also energy-efficient, 100% recyclable, fire resistant, and installed with a speedy construction process. Your clients will love the benefits that metal siding has to offer for every building style—commercial, agricultural, or residential. To speak with one of our steel siding manufactures call 1-844-8METAL to get started on your project today!

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