May 6, 2021

Small Bathroom Renovation

A small bathroom renovation can make a world of a difference in a home. When working with small spaces, it’s best to follow tips and tricks to maximize your space. This concept is especially important if your small bathroom is the only bathroom found throughout the home. Bathroom renovations can be very costly. Thankfully, a small bathroom renovation won’t rack up the cost as much! You may be short on space, but a smaller space will allow you to choose luxurious features you may not have considered for a larger space. To maximize your small space and transform your small bathroom, follow these tips and tricks!

Standing shower vs bathtub

For some, a bathtub is a necessity in a home; however, others can live without it. Bathtubs take up a great amount of space, so a standing shower may be an ideal renovation option for you! Typically, an extravagant bathtub is the star of the show. A standing shower has the power to do the same! Replacing a tub with a standing shower will extend the eye outward, creating the illusion of a larger space. Choosing a clear glass sliding door will continue to draw the eye outward to create a spacious feel. If you don’t prefer the look of the clear glass sliding door, frosted glass is a luxurious option as well. Standing showers also allow you to play with beautiful tile designs from top to bottom!

The shower experience is stepping up in the home improvement industry. Some shower systems have multiple showerheads, wall sprayers, and digital shower interfaces to provide the ultimate experience. A simple standing shower can transform into a private oasis by installing these luxury updates. Standing showers are not ideal for all households—especially for families with children in the home. No worries! You can still achieve the illusion of a larger space by installing a sliding glass door to a tub as well.

Flooring update

Considering you’re working with a bathroom, you want to ensure your flooring choice is water-resistant. Some of the best materials to install in a bathroom are tile and luxury ridge core vinyl. Both materials are water-resistant, but they’re also affordable. Although hardwood flooring is beautiful, it can become problematic in a bathroom. Tile and luxury ridge core vinyl come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. These materials are prized in longevity and durability as well!

One of the top 2021 bathroom trends is incorporating fun tile designs and eye-catching layouts. Working in a small area may not allow you to decorate how you normally would. Get creative with the tile you install! A unique tile pattern can be the star of the show in a small bathroom renovation. Flooring can certainly accumulate into a costly expense; however, remember you’re working with a small space. A small space means there is less surface area to cover. Less surface area means fewer materials needed. Some tile and vinyl choices may be out of your budget if you were using them for a large bathroom. A smaller bathroom may stand as an advantage. A smaller bathroom allows you to splurge on luxury flooring to achieve the elegant look you desire—without breaking the bank!


A vanity can be a saving grace when working with a small bathroom. A pedestal sink may be ideal for a guest bathroom to open up the space, but it’s not practical for the main bathroom.Optimal storage is necessary for a small bathroom renovation. The more concealed storage you have, the less cluttered your bathroom will become. Big bulky cabinets to store toiletries, towels, and everyday essentials aren’t an option in a small space. A vanity will serve as the bathroom’s main storage space.

All-white monochromatic bathrooms will certainly make a space appear larger, but all white isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. If you keep the wall color light, the vanity will pop with a darker color. To keep the space feeling as spacious as possible, it’s always a good idea to stick with a light countertop. Light-colored walls, a pop of darker tones on the vanity, and light countertops create contrast. Opting for all dark colors may weigh the space down, making it appear much smaller.

Mirror choice

Medicine cabinet mirrors are optimal for a small bathroom renovation. More storage opportunities present themselves once again! Traditional medicine cabinets are bulky and stand out from a wall. Consider installing a recessed medicine cabinet into the wall to achieve a low-profile approachto storage.A recessed medicine cabinet gives the mirror a built-in appearance, unlike traditional bulky medicine cabinets.

Floating shelves with decorative baskets

Instead of pictures or other decorations above your toilet, consider installing floating shelves! A small bathroom renovation is all about making the most of your space. You can personalize your floating shelves with fun baskets to organize toiletries. A cluttered countertop will make a small space feel messy, unorganized, and sloppy. Floating shelves can help solve this problem! You could also place greenery and small decorations on the shelf to incorporate unique details.

How would you do a small bathroom renovation?

A small bathroom renovation can be a difficult task to tackle. Everyone’s style is different from one person to the next. The beauty of homeownership is the process of making the space your own. These small bathroom renovation tips and tricks will help you optimize the small space you have to work with.