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Renovating a Pole Barn

Renovating a pole barn is a fun innovative way to personalize and make the most out of your space. Pole barns allow for a vast variety of renovation opportunities due to their custom design. The process of renovating can be overwhelming in itself. Some people have the picture-perfect renovation in their mind, but others can be frazzled figuring out where to begin. No matter where you are inspiration can be found all over the place! Driving down the road you may spot a pole barn with a beautiful overhang with a porch underneath. You may spend hours on social media apps (thanks to Pinterest) searching the popular trends in pole barn renovation. Let’s not forget the long list of home improvement television shows that suck some of us in like a tornado!

You may be thinking to yourself, are these renovations realistic for my pole barn? The answer is yes! It’s easy to believe the thought that our reality could never compare to the inspiration boards we create on Pinterest. Watching the barndominium transformation episode of Fixer Upper can surely inspire you, but also intimidate your renovation plans as well. There are tons of ways to spruce up your pole barn, and the process doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re searching for inspiration you’re in the right spot! Here are some interior and exterior pole barn renovation inspirations.


New flooring

When you first purchased your pole barn you may have used stone, gravel, or dirt for the flooring. Over time you may have decided the unfinished floor isn’t doing your pole barn justice, and you want an upgrade. Cement is a popular upgrade to finish a pole barn floor. Pouring cement could open your other floor options as well. For example, if you’re transforming the pole barn into a living space, cement will be needed as a base for other flooring’s such as tile, hardwood, or laminate to be laid on top. Cement is an upgrade itself, but this renovation can lead to other upgraded possibilities too!

Creating an office space

The floor plan of a pole barn is completely open concept —making it easy to create rooms for specific purposes. For example, a farmer could use their pole barn as agricultural equipment storage. Imagine the functionality of adding a space in the pole barn to be utilized as an office. Renovating a pole barn to include an office space is a purposeful way to update the space. If your pole barn is used for business, office spaces and conference rooms are excellent ways to modify the space for practical use.

Kitchen Area

Is your pole barn the family hot-spot for hangouts? Could you imagine how smooth reunions, parties, and social gatherings would be at your pole barn if you made the addition of a functional kitchen? It would be an amazing use of space! Of course, everyone uses their pole barns for different purposes. A kitchen may not be necessary for the pole barn that functions as a mechanic shop. However, renovating a pole barn with a kitchen space would certainly elevate the social gathering atmosphere. 

Loft addition

One of the unique features of a pole barn is the possibility of high ceilings. Another fun update to consider while renovating a pole barn is adding a loft with a winding staircase. Lofts can be used as storage or even a place to kick back and lounge. The purpose is in your hands!

 Recreational area

Does anyone want to shoot some hoops? Pole barns can create an open space for a recreational area. You could use this recreational space as a basketball court, a batting cage for baseball or softball, a dodge-ball court, you name it! The possibilities are truly endless. If you have children in sports, it offers a place to practice during the winter. They’ll stay dry and warm while they perfect their free-throws!

Adding a porch with an overhang

Renovating a pole barn by adding a porch with an overhang is a beautiful update. The interior of a pole barn has its specific uses itself. Why not add on to the amenities on the exterior? An overhang with a porch is a great way to spruce up the exterior, and it creates extra space for shaded seating as well. You can sit under the overhang as you watch the sunset while the kids play in the yard together. This outdoor lounge space is a desirable amenity that pole barn owners love to add on to their buildings.

Doors and windows

When initially constructing your pole barn you may have had a strict budget that limited your door and window selections. Now that you’re considering renovating a pole barn, updating the doors and windows can be an option. Updating these features on your pole barn brings fresh curb appeal. Other than looks, it helps with your savings too! New doors and windows play a key role in maintaining your energy costs. This renovation could pay for itself over time!


Wainscoting is a striking approach to renovating a pole barn. This stunning exterior update is a chic way to elevate the appearance of your pole barn. To wainscot the exterior of your pole barn you could use brick, stone, or exterior grade wood panels. Wainscoting will completely transform the aesthetic of your pole barn!

Other popular exterior upgrades

While you’re renovating a pole barn you may not want to spend a ton of money. Adding some of these updates will elevate the appearance of your pole barn, but it will not break the bank. Add some shutters to your pole barn! Shutters are a great way to add curb appeal with a pop of color. Luckily, adding shutters won’t cost as much as some of these other major renovations. Another feature that can add some flair to your pole barn is a cupola. Cupolas help with air ventilation in a pole barn—and let’s face it. They add a classic touch to the building. Lastly, don’t forget the landscaping! It’s an affordable route to giving your pole barn a new look.

Will you be renovating a pole barn?

Renovating your pole barn doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you think. There are various ways to give your pole barn a face lift while keeping all budgets in mind. It’s simple! Find some inspiration, follow your style, and get to work! How would you approach renovating a pole barn?

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