Post-frame Building Advantages

There are tons of post-frame building advantages that homeowners and business owners can take away from this specific design structure.

Post Frame Building Structure

A post-frame structure has so many opportunities to budget your expenses while still receiving exactly what you want. Setting a budget doesn’t always entail excluding certain features in your construction. There are certainly many options available when choosing a post-frame build. Here are some of the top accompanying advantages that come along with choosing a Pole Barn Kit for your project.

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Post-frame Building- Pole Barn kits

The Advantages #1: Foundation

Pole Barn buildings have a wide variety of foundation options. Most structures require a poured concrete foundation—but not a pole bar! A poured concrete foundation will not only add on weeks of construction time, but it will increase the overall material cost as well. When a contractor lays a concrete foundation, it takes time to dig, pour, and cure. Luckily, the foundation of a post-frame building takes the posts and places them directly into the ground. A poured concrete foundation is an optional feature you can add to your building, but it’s not necessary for construction. This vertical foundation is enough to support the entire structure.

Advantages #2: Fewer Materials/Labor Necessary

The structure of this overall construction takes fewer materials and labor necessary for building. Let’s compare the post-frame to the stick frame method of building for example. A post-frame building doesn’t require a foundation, it uses fewer pieces of timber, and it takes fewer people to complete the project. A stick frame building requires a concrete foundation, timber installed close together, and more people on-site to build. Fewer materials and labor means less build time as well!

Advantages #3: Endless Interior Design Opportunities

 A Pole Barn doesn’t always need to be used as a barn. This method of framing can be used for many different purposes! Here are some building ideas that can be accomplished with a post-frame building:


  • Office
  • Homes
  • Recreational center
  • Lounge area
  • Restaurants

One of the most popular advantages of a pole barn is the endless opportunities for interior design. What does this mean? Everything is customizable. The support of a post-frame building is found in the timber placed in the ground and the support trusses throughout. This form of support allows for a wide-open layout. In real estate, an open concept floor plan is currently a sought-after characteristic found in a building. This open space is completely customizable. You won’t have to worry about load-bearing support walls getting in the way of your design. Another design opportunity in a Pole Barn is leaving the trusses exposed to add charm to the space. Trusses in a post-frame building are the support beams at the top of the structure. Painting or staining these beams add character to a newly constructed space. The options are truly endless!