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How to use our Design Software.

Below is a short video explaining the Basics on how to use our Smartbuild Pole Barn Kit Design Software. If at any moment you  have any difficulties,  Hit that Chat Button Below , We have live agent ready to assist you at all times.

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Are Pole Barn Kits on High Demand?

The high demand for post frame building construction is on the rise for a handful of significant reasons. People are beginning to recognize the functionality and diversity this structure has to offer. Pole barns were initially built for agricultural buildings and animal barns. This post frame style of building allows for widespread open floor plans, high ceilings, and endless opportunities for doors and windows all completed with a quick construction process. Business owners and homeowners began to see the benefits a post frame building has to offer, and they began building post frame buildings for their personal uses—garages, recreation centers, offices, and even their residential homes. Not only do post frame buildings create cathedral height ceilings and open concept floor plans, but they’re also very durable and sturdy as well.

How are the Pole Barn Kits Delivered?

 Pole barn kits are bundled to your convenience including all of the materials necessary to construct your post frame building. Wagner Metal Supply recognizes the high demand for pole barns, so we took it upon ourselves to make designing a layout and gathering materials as hassle-free as possible for our customers! You design it and we’ll take care of the rest! Pole barn kits are ideal for the common homeowner or contractor searching for materials needed to turn your pole barn ideas into a construction in progress. Wagner Metal Supply saves you a trip to the Big Box store allowing you to complete the entire process of designing and purchasing your pole barn on our website. Unlike big box hardware and home improvement stores, our experts are always available to provide insight and recommendations from start to finish during your project—making your experience personal with excellent customer service.

What are the Benefits of a Pole Barn?


The benefits of a pole barn come in various forms. Most people can benefit from this structure in one way or another—that is why they are so popular! Between affordability, flexibility, and quick building time, pole barns are becoming a beloved structure in the construction industry. Of course, what we have listed are not the only benefits pertaining to a pole barn. They are also incredibly durable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly! No matter what you use it for—there are endless benefits of a pole barn we can all come love.


 What Are Benefits of a Pole Barn #2: Flexibility

Not only are they affordable, but pole barns are completely customizable too. This structure will support whatever creative intent you have for it. Many people associate the structure strictly to the uses a traditional barn would entail. Obviously, pole barns can be used as a traditional barn would be; however, it’s not limited to this specific application. The variations of this structure could stretch a mile long! Here are some alternative purposes the pole barn structure can transform into:

  1. Livestock barn
  2. Recreation center
  3. Retail store
  4. Commercial building
  5. Gym
  6. Garage
  7. Agricultural equipment storage
  8. Greenhouse
  9. Office space
  10. RV/Camper storage
  11. Mechanic shop
  12. Barn home

The list could go on! Another fantastic element with the post-frame method is there is no need for load-bearing walls throughout the structure. This allows for ultimate open space. The open concept floorplan of a post-frame structure creates endless possibilities for the pole barn owner. What would do with the endless space in a pole barn?

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