February 3, 2021

Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio

Pole Barn Kits by Wagner Metal Supply

Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio—Wagner Metal Supply is the perfect supplier for you! Pole barns are being built left and right all over the state of Ohio. This popular structure is beloved in the Midwest! Pole barns offer quite the flexibility for customers. A pole barn could be transformed into an office, garage, livestock barn, recreational center, residential home, and more. The options are endless! Not only is the building versatile, but there are endless customizations that can be added to this structure as well. For example, you have the option to add on features, finish the interior, and include a foundation. Continue reading to discover all the possibilities you can incorporate with your pole barn kits northwest Ohio.

Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio—Add on Features

We understand some customers prefer the basic finishes and the standard constructions with their pole barn. However, not all customers have the same needs! A pole barn allows for endless design opportunities fit for all your needs. Just like building a home—pole barns are open to alterations and customizations. Some customizations can be done for functional purposes, and others can be done for visual elements.  Below are some of the common features that customers can add on to their pole barn kit.

  • Overhang porch

May customers choose to add an overhang to the roof of the pole barn. Next, they choose the beams they would like to support the overhang. Lastly, they complete the porch by pouring concrete or laying stone. The porch could be a small area by an entrance point, or the porch could wrap around the entire structure.

  • Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a beautiful way to add character to a simple pole barn. You can use a different color of steel, stone, or treated wood to wainscot your pole barn. Each material will range in price, but the finished look of wainscoting is always stunning.

  • Different door options

Your pole barn could be used for a plethora of different purposes, so it’s important to ensure the proper door is in place. Below are the common doors you can add to your pole barn:

  • Overhead doors
    • Sliding doors
    • Dutch doors
  • Skylight panels

Skylight panels are a great way to allow natural lighting to flow into your pole barn.

  • Cupolas

A cupola is an architectural feature that can be added along the ridge cap of the roof. Cupolas add extra ventilation to the pole barn, and you could install lights within the cupola as well.

Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio—Interior Finishes

Once your pole barn kit is finally built, you have the option of finishing the interior. These added customizations can really turn your dreams into a reality. The interior finish of the pole barn typically reflects what the structure is being used for. Listed below are the most common interior finishes that are installed in a pole barn.

  • Interior liner
  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Dry wall
  • Shiplap

Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio by Wagner Metal Supply

Are you interested in building a pole barn kit for yourself? Wagner Metal Supply is the leading pole barn kit distributer in Ohio. Our pole barn kits come equipped with everything you need—all the way down to the screws! Visit our website to design your custom pole barn today! Customers can design their very own pole barn 100% virtually using our 3D design software. Get designing, and you’ll be on your way to a new pole barn!


How can I get a Wagner Metal Supply pole barn kit?

Customers can design their customized pole barn kit through the Wagner Metal Supply 3D design tool on our website. You can create the pole barn exactly how you choose and have it ordered on a 100% virtual platform.

What materials can you finish the interior of a pole barn with?

There are various ways to finish the interior of a pole barn. The way a pole barn is finished on the interior often reflects the purpose for which the pole barn was built. Some of the most common interior finishes of a pole barn are interior linings, plywood, OSB, drywall, and shiplap.

What are the extra features you can add to a pole barn?

Pole barns are quite a customizable structure. The simplicity of the blueprint allows for various extra features. Some of the most common extra features of a pole barn are overhang porches, wainscoting, various door options, skylight panels, and cupolas.

Who is the best pole barn kit distributer in northwest Ohio?

Wagner Metal Supply is the leading pole barn distributor in northwest Ohio. Our pole barn kits are completed with all the necessary materials needed for a pole barn construction. We include the best products on the market to ensure quality and satisfaction from our customers.