May 6, 2021

Pole Barn Kits by Wagner Metal Supply

Have you been long awaiting a pole barn estimate? Have you struggled with designing your perfect post- frame building? Are you frustrated with the wait time estimated to receive your kit? No need to worry! Wagner Metal Supply is here to provide you with the post-frame building of your dreams! Our kits are packaged with high-quality steel panels, sturdy timber, and all of the accessories you’ll need for building. Customers will not have to worry about outrageous estimates or long wait times when they choose Wagner Metal Supply. The health of our customers and employees remains a priority. During this national pandemic, we are taking the necessary precautions to follow the COVID-19 CDC guidelines.

Pole Barn Kits: What is included?

A post-frame building comes with many components to its structure. Many other manufactures fool their customers to think that everything they need will be included within the kit they purchase. When customers are misinformed about the contents of the kit, this leaves them disappointed as they drive back to a hardware store to purchase the remainder of the materials. This is not the case when you choose Wagner Metal Supply! Our kits include absolutely everything you need, so you can begin building as soon as you receive your kit. Below are the essential items included in every kit we curate. (Each kit varies on the contents appropriate for their custom design):

  • Steel siding panels
  • Steel roofing panels
  • Metal trim bent to custom measurements
  • Timber
  • All the necessary accessories (screws, fasteners, clips, etc.)

Use Our 3D Design Tool Software to Create your Pole Barn

Exclusive 3D Design Tool

COVID-19 has changed the course of action for businesses across the world. Due to social distancing guidelines, we’ve added a 3D design tool software to our website for ultimate customer convenience. The 3D design tool allows our customers to curate their custom post-frame building remotely from the comfort of their home! Our design software is effortless to use. Simply hit start your design, enter in your measurements, and customize the design with any add-ons you would like.

Want help designing?

Designing can be a stressful task to handle. Deciding on the color, layout, and extra features can easily become overwhelming. Sometimes, trusting the professionals with your design will help you figure out exactly what you have pictured. We can design it for you!

Due to COVID-19 we offer virtual tech support!

COVID-19 has made virtual interactions the main form of communication for businesses. Although our virtual 3D design software makes it possible for you to design your own kit on your own, we can still help you out! With the help of our pole barn estimator, we are able to offer remote designing sessions. Because of COVID-19, we are able to do a consultation completely virtually so you can follow along with the design process right by our side.

Delivery and Building your Pole Barn

Nationwide Delivery

Not local to the Defiance, OH area? No need to worry! Wagner Metal Supply offers nationwide shipping to our customers. Once you complete your design, we will give you an estimate, and your kit will be on its way!

COVID-19 Local Contactless Delivery and Pick-up

Contactless pick-up and local delivery is an option if you’re local to the Defiance, OH area! Wagner Metal Supply will make contactless delivery and pick-up a breeze. Customers are still able to receive our product as we follow COVID-19 CDC guidelines.

Need a builder?

Have you ordered your Wagner Metal Supply pole barn kit, but you don’t have anyone to build it? Look no further! If your location is within a 100-mile radius from Defiance, OH, our team can build your kit for you.


Yes, you can hire a pole barn builder during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are located within a 100-mile radius of Defiance, OH, Wagner Metal Supply can build your pole barn for you.
Wagner Metal Supply offers exclusive virtual pole barn design sessions with their customers. First, call us at 1-884-8METALS to set up an appointment with our pole barn estimator. Next, we will link the software to your computer, so you can follow along throughout the designing process with our professionals. You’ll never have to leave the comfort of your own home to design your pole barn!
Each pole barn will run at a different price point based on their size, materials used, and add on features to the design. Click here to see quotes for our basic predesigned pole barns.
Wagner Metal Supply carries a warranty on their manufactured steel panels. The warranty states that the steel panels will not crack, peel, chalk, or loose adhesion for 40-years.