February 3, 2021

Options for Pole Barn Doors


Options for pole barn doors are not necessarily chosen solely for aesthetics. Of course, pole barn owners want to visually enjoy their pole barn; however, there are other factors to consider. Pole barns are built for a plethora of reasons. A pole barn can be utilized as a garage, recreational center, storage unit, livestock barn, businesses, or even a home. The possibilities are truly endless! Among all the customizations available for the structure—one of the most important is what type of door to install. It is essential to consider which door will make the building most functional for your everyday use. How frequently will you need to enter and exit the pole barn? Will you need an extra-large door for machinery? Is your pole barn strictly used for storage? These are all factors to contemplate. Continue reading to get the inside scoop about the options for pole barn doors!

Options for Pole Barn Doors #1: Sliding Doors

The first door option you can choose for your pole barn is sliding doors. Sliding doors are the way to go if you want to remain as budget friendly as possible. They are an affordable option to add to your pole barn, and it is the standard door to choose from. There are two options—a singular sliding door or a set of split ends sliding doors. One notable characteristic of sliding doors is that they open manually. Manually opening sliding doors on occasions may not be an issue for some. However, if you are planning to move equipment in and out of your pole barn daily—this is something to consider.

Options for Pole Barn Doors #2: Overhead Doors

Next in line, we have overhead doors. Overhead doors are preferred for their convenience. Unlike sliding doors—you do not need to worry about manually opening, unlatching, and latching like you would with sliding doors.  Overhead doors work as your typical garage door would. This door is perfect to install if you want daily access to your pole barn at the touch of a button. The overhead pole barn door is built for ultimate convenience! Another reason pole barn owner loves an overhead door is for it’s added security qualities. Overhead doors create an airtight seal. This protects the barn against weather conditions and the potential for intrusion.

Options for Pole Barn Doors #3: Hydraulic Doors

Last on the list—but certainly not least—we have hydraulic doors. Out of the three options, hydraulic doors are luxury. They come in one solid piece to swing out from the top, or they can come in a bifold option as well. These doors are typically installed on agricultural buildings and commercial buildings that large pieces of equipment frequently move in and out of the pole barn. Hydraulic doors were originally installed on airplane hangars—this indeed proves the size of the machinery that can travel in and out of the pole barn! If you are considering hydraulic doors, beware of the price tag that comes along with them. Hydraulic doors have the benefit of shading you from the sun and keeping you out of the rain, but the price to pay may not be worth it for some.

1.Which pole barn door should I get if I am on a budget?

Sliding doors are the most affordable option to install on a pole barn. There are two options to choose from—a singular sliding door or a set of split ends sliding doors. Either option is great to choose if you are on a budget.

2. What is the difference between an overhead door and a hydraulic door on a pole barn?

An overhead door opens like a traditional garage door, and a hydraulic door swings out from the top. Hydraulic doors are much larger and more heavy-duty than overhead doors, but they come at a higher price point.

3. Can I have more than one set of sliding doors on my pole barn?

You can have more than one set of sliding doors. If there is a proper amount of wall space—there is an opportunity for a door. Having multiple doors makes moving equipment in and out as convenient as possible.

4. Which is the most energy-efficient pole barn door?

The door with the most energy efficiency will have the best airtight seal. The overhead door and hydraulic doors have the best weathertight seal with their design.