April 16, 2021

Ohio Metal Supply—Best Galvalume Applications

Ohio metal supply stores—such as Wagner Metal Supply— offer galvalume as a panel choice. Galvalume is a coating put on a steel panel to give the surface ultimate protection. What is galvalume? What makes these panels different than other metal roofing materials? What is the best application for galvalume panels? Wagner Metal Supply is here to answer all your questions about galvalume! We manufacture the best galvalume panels around at a competitive price point that nobody can beat. Are you curious to learn more about galvalume? Keep reading to know all the details about this incredible roofing panel.

What are galvalume panels?

Galvalume metal panels stand as one of the greatest roofing materials available on the market. The word galvalume is referring to the coating that is applied to the metal panels before they are roll-formed. Metal roofing panels aretraditionally galvanized, but galvalume coating was created to further the benefits of a metal panel. When a panel is galvanized—the steel is hot-dipped in 100% zinc. When a panel is coated in galvalume—the steel is hot-dipped in 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. Zinc is the key element that prevents the panels from rusting. Addingaluminum for the galvalume formulation stretches the protective elements even further. Galvalume is one of the most popular products within the Ohio metal supply industry.

What makes galvalume panels unique?

Remember—a galvalume panel is not the same as a galvanized panel. Galvalume is formulated with aluminum and zinc. A galvanized coating is only zinc. What exactly does aluminum do for the longevity of a galvalume roof? To begin, the zinc prevents the panel from rusting prematurely. After facing the elements over time, a panel will begin to rust. Did you know that aluminum can stop rusting once it begins? This is where the aluminum shines in the galvalume formula! Aluminum creates self-healing properties. How aluminum works on a galvalume roofing panel is similar to how our skin works. When we get a scrape on our skin, it will eventually heal overtime. Galvalume was created with the same concept. Once a galvanized metal panel begins to rust, there is no going back. The aluminum in a galvalume roofing panel will prevent the rust from spreading further across the panel.

In what application does galvalume work best?

Although galvalume is an incredible metal roofing material to install, it is not ideal in every situation. Galvalume is not recommended as a roofing choice for these two instances—coastal environments and agricultural buildings. Why not coastal regions? Galvalume is easily deteriorated by direct contact from saltwater and salt in the air. Galvalume panels will not live up to their full lifespan in this environment. Why is galvalume not recommended for agricultural buildings? The galvalume coating on the panels does not mix well with the waste of the animals. Fecal matter mixed with the galvalume coating will create harmful ammonia gas. This is dangerous for both the animals and you! Galvalume is great for any other application though. Galvalume panels are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Contact Wagner Metal Supply—your reliable Ohio metal supply store—to get your hands on some galvalume!