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Metal siding is a valuable installation choice for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings.

Wagner Metal Supply locally manufactures metal siding panels  in Defiance, Ohio, with excellent quality products and first class service. Wagner Metal Supply—located at 18743 County Rd 424 Defiance, OH 43512 —serves as a contractor’s one-stop-shop for any metal necessity at hand. Our expert metal manufactures are available to speak with you about your metal siding needs Monday-Friday during the hours of 7:30am-5:00pm.



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Differences between Metal and Vinyl Siding


Siding is one of the key elements that creates the exterior home aesthetic. When buyers are house hunting eye-catching siding could be an impacting factor on their decision to purchase the house. Installing updated siding on a home can also raise your home equity by 78%! There is a variety of siding options available on the market, but two of the most common materials are vinyl and metal. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, so let’s take a further look!

If you or a client is interested in metal siding call Wagner Metal Supply today at 1-844-8METALS. We have several color selections available with varying panel options. We are confident you’ll find the perfect metal panel siding just for you!

Durability and Longevity


Between the two, metal panel siding is typically more durable than vinyl siding. Vinyl is lightweight and resistant to denting and bending—however, the performance of vinyl siding can be greatly affected by Mother Nature. Vinyl is prone to warping due to high heat and cracking in colder weather conditions. Along with impacts from the weather, the color on vinyl siding will fade much faster overtime in sunlight. One of the benefits that come along with choosing metal for siding is that this material is not impacted by temperature—meaning it won’t crack in the cold or warp in the heat.


DuraLoc-16™ by Wagner Metal Supply

DuraLoc-16™ is Wagner Metal Supply’s very own standing seam roofing panel. This premium factory-direct roofing panel is distributed to Homeowners & Contractors across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. This weathertight metal roofing system will leave your home with a striking seamless finish and long-lasting protection. The interlocking concealed fastener technology is what sets this roofing panel apart from other panels within the construction industry.