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Attention Roofing Contractors.

Are you looking for better quality Metal Panels,  Roofing Supplies & Better Service? Does your current Roofing Supplier care about the well being of your company ? Well we do. We are a Metal Roofing Supply Store, by Contractors for Contractors. So we do understand what your going thru. Trust us , we have been there too! Sign up for our Contractor Portal. Here you will be able to place orders from the comfort of your Cell Phone, Laptop , Office, Car, basically anywhere, So you are always updated, and never   turn a Job in Late. Track your orders in real time, and your Metal Delivery as well. 

Wagner Metal Supply: Metal Roofing Products

Our Weather XL Color Pallet


DuraFast Ag Panel

AG PAnel

Roofing Screws


DuraLoc-16 ™ Standing Seam Panel

Standing Seam
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1/4'' to 2 3/4 '' Pipe Boot


1/2'' to 4'' Electrical Pipe Boot


Pipe boots fits 2 3/4" to 7"


Roofing Underlayment



1" X 2" X 10'

Wagner Metal Supply

We have been thru the same up and downs you might be going thru with your current Metal Supplier. That is why Wagner Metal Supply was created. Late deliveries, unreliability, and many other aspects can hurt us directly as Roofing Contractors. Bad Google, Facebook & Yelp Reviews can impact us very badly. But lets be honest. They don't care! So trust us when we tell you, we have been there too.
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Does your current Supplier worry about what you are going thru with your customer? Well We Do! With our contractor Portal on our website, you can place your order from the comfort of your home, office or vehicle, and track the order in real time.
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From the moment the metal coil is loaded on the roll former all the way until it is delivered you can track the whole process. This will allow you as a Business owner to have better reliability with your client. Our high-quality metal roofing products are fabricated in-house and delivered straight to you or curbside pickup is available as well.
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Our Metal Supply Store fabricates everything inhouse, this alone skips the middleman & prevents excess shipping and storage damage. Between sheet-metal wholesales, top-of-the-line metal roofing products, and incredible service—contractors can take full advantage of our benefits. You can expect your experience with us to be fast and reliable. Communication & Reliability in this industry are the most important aspects of the Business and we are always bettering ourselves to deliver the best customer service possible. Because we are not just looking for a Customer today, we are looking for a customer for life. The is our main core value.