DuraFast Ag Panel

The DuraFast AG Panel is a durable, weather-resistant roofing solution for residential, commercial & agricultural projects. Our DuraFast AG Panels are a cost effective, high performance metal roofing system. Fabricated with Sherwin Williams Weather XL coating.

What Can I Use the DuraFast Ag Panel on?

Our metal trim is fabricated in house , by Highly trained individuals & state of the art machines, to guarantee you always receive the best product available in the market. Ag Panels are used in Roofs, Siding & Soffit as well.
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Metal Roof Panels 

our DuraFast Ag Panel  & Standing Seam Metal Panels


Metal roof panels that are high in quality are essential in the metal roofing industry. Because metal roofing has been increasing in popularity, it’s important that contractors have access to the most superior materials. Wagner Metal Supply  fabricates all the metal roof panels that you or a Metal Roof Contractor will ever need for their roofing job! Our collection of metal roofing panels range in many different styles and colors to choose from. An AG Panel is a durable, weather-resistant roofing solution for residential, commercial & agricultural projects. … AG Panels are a cost effective, high performance metal roofing system. We guarantee your clients will find a perfect match for their roof! We serve local contractors in Defiance, Ohio and surrounding areas with premium metal products. We would love to become your go-to metal supply manufacturer!

Durafast Ag Pannel

Ag Panel our DuraFast  & Standing Seam


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Metal Panel Designs


Take the idea of what you thought metal roofing was years ago, and throw it away! Metal roofs are now more durable and efficient than ever before. We create two different panel designs exclusive to Wagner Metal Supply—the DuraLoc-16™ panel and the DuraFast™ panel. Each panel has a unique design with different qualities. For clients searching for a low-profile look with exterior fasteners, we recommend the DuraFast™ panel. The DuraFast™ panel is great for residential homes, garages, and pole barns. Next, we have the DuraLoc-16™ panel. DuraLoc-16™ is our standing seam panel. It’s installed by interlocking the panels together with hidden fasteners. This panel design is free of exterior fasteners! This is perfect for the client who loves the look of metal roofs but doesn’t prefer to see exterior fasters.


Weather XL by Sherwin Williams


Each of our metal roof panels are coated by the utmost premium paint formula— Weather XL by Sherwin Williams.  Weather XL is formulated to withstand cracking, fading, and chipping up to 40 years! Not only does the paint system add to the durability of the product, but it also comes in a variety of colors as well.  Whether you want a vibrant color that stands out from your neighbors or a minimalist neutral color that matches your home aesthetic, we’ve got what you need! All of the colors share the same 40 year warranty no matter which one you choose.

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Wagner Metal Supply

Wagner Metal Supply is eager to supply you with metal roof panels for your next job! Wagner Metal Supply is located at 187443 County Rd 424 Defiance, OH 43512. Feel confident in the services you offer your clients by using the best materials on the market. To speak to our metal manufactures about your upcoming project call us today at (419) 956-0653.

Eco Friendly and 100% Recyclable

Metal panels are one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials on the market. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they’re Eco Friendly as well. We are proud to say that all of our metal panels fabricated at Wagner Metal Supply are 100% recyclable. Metal roofs lasts much longer than typical shingles, but when it’s time for a replacement the panels can be recycled.

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