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Metal Roll Forming Process

The roll forming process takes sheets of metal, strategically manipulates the surface, and cuts the metal to desired lengths. The machine is manned by a skilled metal manufacturer to ensure each metal sheet is formed to perfection. Roll-formed metal can be seen all over. Steel industrial restaurant prep tables are created by roll forming machines. Roll-formed metal can be used in cars. Metal can be roll- formed into railings. The roll forming process isn’t specifically utilized just for the construction industry. The roll forming process can be used for a variety of applications!

 Of course, the metal manufactures of Wagner Metal Supply are experts in roll forming steel for construction purposes. At our shop, we can create steel roofing panels, steel siding panels, custom trim, and gutters. Have you ever been curious about how a metal roof is created? It all begins with the roll forming. Here is how we transform sheets of metal into the products of construction you see today!


Metal Roll Forming Steps

Metal Roll Forming Process-Sherman Williams Metal Coil-Wagner Metal Supply

Step # 1. To begin the process, we order the coils. When you’re in the process of purchasing a metal roof or metal siding, we have a selection of paint colors to choose from. Wagner Metal Supply orders their paint-coated steel coils from Sherwin Williams. Each coil is coated with the premium paint coating system WeatherXL™. Once the coils are shipped to our shop, we can begin roll forming the panels!

wagner metal supply machinepic

Step #2: Machine preparation

Machine preparation is one of the most important procedures in roll forming. The machine operator needs to ensure the machine is programmed properly for the specific panel design prior to roll forming. The machine is then programmed to cut the panels to the preferred linear footage. They also need to ensure the machine is free of debris, so the panels aren’t blemished in any way throughout the process. Once the machine is prepped, it’s time to load the coil onto the machine!


Step #3 & 4 Loading the coil & Roll forming the panel

Steel coils are extremely heavy. The coils weigh hundreds of pounds, and they cannot be lifted by hand. Steel coils are loaded onto the roll forming machine by a forklift. Now that the coil is loaded onto the spindle, the machine operator will take the excess wrapping off of the coil and feed the end toward the machine.

Now that the machine is programmed, prepped, and the coil is loaded—we can begin the roll forming process! The operator takes the metal sheet from the coil and feeds it into the machine. The shipping and handling process typically puts a little wear and tear on the outside of the coil. No worries! The first panel sent through the machine is only used as a protection piece to ship the panels in the future. The blemished panels are not used for installation. Running the first panel of the coil through the machine also helps the operator confirm the design and length of the panel is correct.

Metal Roll-Roof and Siding Metal 1

How the roll forming machine works

Roll forming feeds metal sheets into a machine that goes through a series of roll stands to gradually and precisely mold the shape of the sheet. The roll forming process is gentle and non-stressful to the metal material.  Throughout the machine, there are dies set in place to gradually form the panels into the desired design. Once the panel rolls through the series of coils, the panel is cut to a specific length. Trim and gutters are bent and preciously cut next to complete the materials needed for the project!

Wrapping it up!

After the roll forming process is complete, we package up the metal panels and prepare them for shipment and delivery. Wagner Metal Supply roll forms steel panels for roofing, siding, custom trim, and gutters. However, a roll forming machine can create a plethora of metal products! Now when you drive down the road and see a metal roof—you’ll know exactly how the panels were created!

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