February 2, 2021

Increase Your Property Value

Pole Barn Kits - Increase your property value

Increase your property value— it is a common goal homeowner strive to accomplish. Sprucing up exterior features, renovating an outdated interior, and adding marketable features to your home will all increase property value. Did you know that the best way to add value to your home is by creating extra square footage to the property? One of the best ways to do this is by building a pole barn on your land. Homebuyers—especially in the Midwest—are incredibly attracted to a home with a pole barn included on the property.

Compared to a traditional wooden barn, a pole barn is a multipurpose building. There are never-ending opportunities to transform a pole barn into whatever you choose. When a potential buyer notices a pole barn on the property, they immediately envision how they can take advantage of the space. Pole barns are more than extra square footage. A pole barn can increase your property and make your home further marketable in various ways!

Increase your Property Value with Curbside Appeal

Boosting your curbside appeal is the visually friendly route to increase the value of your property. Pole barns are a sleek structure that will look fantastic for 40 years or more. Unlike a traditional barn— buyers understand that a pole barn will not rot, warp, and chip away as it ages. One of the best features about a pole barn is the array of colors, panel styles, and finishes you can incorporate to customize the structure. You can mix and match wainscoting, colors, and finishes as you please. Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than seeing a sleek pole barn matching the exterior aesthetics of the home!

Increase your Property Value with Customization Opportunities

The curbside appeal of a pole barn can be customized to your exact preferences, but did you know how versatile the building itself is? A pole barn structure can be used for various reasons. Pole barns have been used for garages, recreational centers, lounging areas, mechanic shops, equipment storage, living quarters, and more! The wheels will begin to turn in the minds of potential buyers when they see the structure on your property. The pole barn can easily make up for a quality your home may be lacking in. For example, let’s say your potential buyer has a basement on the top of their wish list. They really want to have a space to watch football games with company. Your home may not necessarily have exactly what they desire, but the structure of a pole barn can transform into anything—such as the perfect man cave!           

Increase your Property Value with an Economical Structure

Economically speaking, a pole barn is an ideal structure to add to your home to increase value. The blueprint of a pole barn uses minimal material compared to traditional stick-frame buildings. It is an affordable building that will last for decades with minimal maintenance needed throughout the years. Pole barns have been said to increase your home value by up to 15% solely based on the solid structure alone. Of course, the price could fluctuate depending on the size, condition, and how it is finished. Would you build a pole barn on your land to increase your property value? The possibilities are endless!


1.Will adding a pole barn to my property make it more marketable?

Pole barns are a sought after featuring that homebuyers ask for when searching for a new home. Adding a pole barn to your property will increase the usable square footage of your home’s overall property. Stating that you have a pole barn on your home description certainly appears enticing to potential buyers. Pole barns last for decades with minimal maintenance, and the structure allows for various uses.

2.Can a pole barn be considered an additional living space?

If it meets code standards as a potential living quarter—a pole barn could be considered a living space. There are various ways a pole barn can be used. The potential for finishing the interior is limitless!

3. Is the square footage of a pole barn included in the square footage of my home?

The pole barn would technically have to be attached to the house for the square footage to be considered part of the home. It would, however, be included within the square footage of the property. The pole barn square footage would just be listed separately from the home.

4. Can a pole barn add value and curbside appeal to my home?

Pole barns come in many different sizes, colors, and extra features. Adding a pole barn can easily add value and boost your property’s curbside appeal! Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than seeing a sleek pole barn matching the exterior aesthetics of the home!