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Finishing the Interior of Your Pole Barn

Finishing the interior of your pole barn has the opportunity to take a few different paths. The exterior of your pole barn is complete, so now it’s time to work on the interior! There are varying techniques of interior finishing you could choose from. Each option for finishing your pole barn heavily relies on the purpose you built it. Was the pole barn built for agricultural storage? Was it built as a mechanic shop? Was it built as a living space? Post frame buildings can be transformed into just about anything. Therefore, the same concept applies to the different ways the interior can be finished!



Drywall is an excellent choice for an interior finish.  The finish is great for a pole barn being utilized as a living space, office, or conference room. Drywall offers a smooth finished surface to the walls. It’s cost- effective as well! Drywall has the opportunity to be painted to your personal preference. Many people are cautious to build living spaces compromised of steel panels. They’re afraid the space may not feel as homey as traditional living spaces.  Finishing the interior of your pole barn with drywall can make the space more appealing to the eye. Drywall will give your living space the same cozy welcoming feeling a traditional living space has.


Oriented standard board (OSB)

OSB is a great material choice for finishing agricultural storage buildings, a mechanic shop, or a garage. Finishing the interior of your pole barn with OSB is one of the most cost-effective options. With OSB ranging all the way up to 12 feet a sheet, installing the boards will take no time at all. However, OSB may not be the best choice for you if you’re searching for a smooth material. OSB is very strong, but the material is porous. Therefore, OSB has trouble being modified with paint or stain. If smooth walls and painted surfaces are the least of your concerns, OSB is a great choice to finish your pole barn!



Finishing the interior of your pole barn with plywood is another popular material to choose from. Like OSB, plywood is great to use in a storage building, mechanic shop, or a garage. If the boards get damaged it’s super simple and cost-efficient to replace as well. Plywood offers a much smoother finish than OSB, but it comes with a price! It is more expensive than OSB, but there are more finishing options available. Most people who finish buildings with plywood are more likely to use a stain or varnish rather than paint. Stains and varnishes bring out the natural wood grains of the plywood sheet giving the space a rustic appearance. Plywood adds a smoother finish to the space with a simple quick installation. 


Steel lining

Another popular option to finishing the interior of your pole barn is installing a steel lining. Steel linings are perfect for recreational centers, garages, mechanic shops, and storage buildings. They create a clean, finished, appealing interior. They are more costly than plywood or OSB; however, steel linings are incredibly more durable! Steel linings are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and low maintenance. This type of finish maximizes the use of your insulation. If you’re heating and cooling this space it’s a great alternative to make the most of your utilities!


How will you finish you pole barn?

As you can see there are many different ways to finish your pole barn. Choosing the perfect material doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider the purpose the pole barn was built, ponder your personal preferences, and finish your pole barn!

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