DuraLoc-16™ is Wagner Metal Supply’s very own standing seam roofing panel. This premium factory-direct roofing panel is distributed to Homeowners & Contractors across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. This weathertight metal roofing system will leave your home with a striking seamless finish and long-lasting protection. The interlocking concealed fastener technology is what sets this roofing panel apart from other panels within the construction industry. Even though this panel was recently released by Wagner Metal Supply, the panel has been installed and tested on homes over a three- year timeframe. Through trial and error, Brett Wagner and his team have created the ultimate concealed fastener metal roof panel. This innovative standing seam roofing system is offering elegance, energy-efficiency, and max durability for a home for years to come.

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Where it began

Wagner Metal Supply was created as a sister company to Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling. Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling has served the community as a successful well-rounded construction company for over ten years. As Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling began growing over the years, the business was overwhelmed with metal roof projects. Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling needed metal panels as soon as they possibly could. With booming business, distributers couldn’t keep up. These circumstances led Brett Wagner to open his metal manufacturing shop. Wagner Metal Supply serves as a supplemental manufacturing business to his already successful roofing and remodeling business. Furthermore, Wagner is now able to share his premium metal products with surrounding contractors as well. Visit the Wagner Metal Supply website to read more information about the other high-quality metal products available to you.

Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling 10 Year Anniversary

Wagner Metals Roofing and Remodeling have recently celebrated their tenth year of business in the construction industry. They are also celebrating the first year of the sister company—Wagner Metal Supply—opening as well. Products created at this facility are designed, roll-formed, and put to the test by experienced metal roofing contractors. Panels produced at Wagner Metal Supply are never compensated on quality based on a high quantity demand. No matter the product purchased, the customer will always be guaranteed a quality product.

Want to learn more about DuraLoc-16™?

This standing seam roofing panel is exclusively available through Wagner Metal Supply. Don’t miss out on an incredible product! This unique panel has taken years to design, years to test, and now this perfected standing seam panel is available for sale. DuraLoc-16™ is the ultimate standing seam panel created by experienced metal roofers for contractors. Professional collaborative ideas over the years eventually transformed into one of the best metal roofing panels available on the market. This specific panel design comes in a large selection of colors with the utmost energy-efficiency and durability.

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