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Cost-Effective Pole Barn

Cost-effective pole barn constructions can be easier said than done. One of the best features of a pole barn is its ability to be customized. You can make the structure plain Jane and practical or extravagant and elevated. Pole barn designs can take you down a long rabbit hole of extra features to rack up the cost too. Everyone has experienced falling in love with an item while shopping, checked the price tag, and completely changing their mind! All of these upgrades are charming, but they do come with a price. Did you know that even with a strict budget you can still build a stunning cost-effective pole barn?

Consider your options

Think about building a cost-effective pole barn with the same concept of buying a new car. You’re purchasing a new car, and there are three options available. The first car is the standard version. Everything is automatic, it’s brand new, and it has all the essentials a car should have. The next car is the same as the last one, but this one has additional upgrades. Car number two has Bluetooth radio, rear view backup camera, and leather heated seats. Lastly, you have a premium level car. These upgrades extend to the sunroof, collision alert safety features, Sirus XM, and parking assistance. All three cars are technically the same model. However, your priorities might help you choose which version is most practical for your lifestyle. You can still purchase a solid standard pole barn that is cost-efficient by prioritizing your wants and needs. Here are some simple alternatives to keep the cost low on your pole barn.


A unique characteristic of pole barns is that they don’t necessarily require a cement foundation like stick frame construction. This makes the process of building a cost-effective pole barn much simpler to budget. Cement is one of the most popular materials to use as a foundation for pole barns. If you have priced cement before you know how costly this material can be! If you’re using your pole barn for purposes such as agricultural equipment storage there are other foundation options available. Instead of cement consider using stone, dirt, or gravel. These materials are incredibly cheaper than pouring cement for your pole barn floor. If residential living space isn’t your end goal for your pole barn, these low-cost alternatives may work for you!

Finishing the interior

Budget-friendly options are available while building a cost-effective pole barn. There are numerous ways to finish a pole barn, but some are more expensive than others. Steel liners are one of the most expensive materials used to finish the interior. Although they are durable, long-lasting, and appealing to the eye—steel lining is not the only option! Oriented strand board (also known as OSB) is one of the most inexpensive materials for interior finishing. This material is very cost-effective and inexpensive to replace if damage occurs as well. Paint or stains don’t take well to the porous surface, but it is a very strong material. Another option less expensive than steel lining is plywood. This material is more costly than OSB, but this surface comes with benefits. Plywood is commonly coated with varnishes to accentuate the natural wood grains of the boards. Choosing one of these materials will help you on your way to building a cost-effective pole barn.

Prioritizing upgrades

The upgrade opportunities for pole barns are endless. If your goal is building a cost-effective pole barn you may need to prioritize your preferences. Some of the popular upgrades are wall overhangs, porches, cupolas, extra windows, overhanging doors, and exterior brick/stone upgraded wainscoting. Even if you’re building a cost-effective pole barn you can have some of these upgrades. Just be aware you may have to negotiate other areas of the construction.

There is nothing wrong with prioritizing your budget to add the amenities you desire! For instance, you may want a wall overhang over a porch off the side of the pole barn where you can sit in a shaded area while you watch your children play in the yard. You’re satisfied with having a gravel foundation with the interior finished with OSB. You’re still building a cost-effective pole barn, but you’re prioritizing your budget to build what you desire. You may not necessarily install the premium materials in each aspect of the pole barn. However, making these choices will allow you to upgrade your pole barn while remaining cost-effective.

Invest in high-quality materials

When you’re building a cost-effective pole barn it’s important to invest in high-quality materials. You may be thinking—higher quality materials are usually more expensive, right? How am I remaining cost-effective by purchasing expensive materials? There are some characteristics of pole barns that you could compromise in price. However, the quality of the actual structure itself and the panels installed are not something you want to compromise. Cheaper prices do not necessarily make it a good deal in the long run. The structural aspects of the pole barn should be an investment. Upon initial cost, you may save some money by finding cheaper alternatives. However, keep in mind that lower-quality materials may run into some expensive repairs much sooner than expected. When these problems arise you will find the repair costs add up quickly. You’re going to wish you invested in high-quality products from the start. Investing in high-quality materials may cost more initially, but it will save you from troubles in the future.

How can you remain cost-effective while building a pole barn?

Now that you know the different ways to remain cost-effective while building a pole barn does it change the idea of your design? You don’t necessarily have to make your design simple to remain cost-effective. With these tips, you can maximize the budget of your next pole barn construction.

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