Benefits of the Local Pole Barn Supplier vs. Big Box Stores

pole barn built by wagner metal supply

Choosing to purchase from a local Pole Barn Supplier rather than a big box store, like Menards, has its benefits. There are thousands of home improvement retailers located all over the world. Menards, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and the list goes on. Why should you choose to purchase your Pole Barn from a local business such as Wagner Metal Supply? Purchasing products locally has exclusive deals for customers. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Deals are great but building a tight-knit relationship with a supplier is even better. Here are some of the top benefits of purchasing your Pole Barn through your local Pole Barn Supplier.

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Metal Roofing Paint—Chalking and Fading

Metal roofing paint coatings are designed to stand up against the elements and look incredible for decades. A metal roof is often referred to as a lifetime roofing system. However, like all materials, the integrity of the metal roof will begin to deteriorate after its given lifespan. If you are concerned about your newly installed metal roof deteriorating early—no need to worry! In the Wagner Metal Supply product warranty, it guarantees the paint system on the metal panels will not chalk, fade, or lose adhesion during its lifespan. What exactly does this mean? We pride ourselves on the customer education we deliver. We are here to do just that! In the following paragraphs, we will thoroughly discuss what our Lifetime Limited Paint Warranty refers to.

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Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio

Pole Barn Kits Northwest Ohio—Wagner Metal Supply is the perfect supplier for you! Pole barns are being built left and right all over the state of Ohio. This popular structure is beloved in the Midwest! Pole barns offer quite the flexibility for customers. A pole barn could be transformed into an office, garage, livestock barn, recreational center, residential home, and more. The options are endless! Not only is the building versatile, but there are endless customizations that can be added to this structure as well. For example, you have the option to add on features, finish the interior, and include a foundation. Continue reading to discover all the possibilities you can incorporate with your pole barn kits northwest Ohio.

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Options for Pole Barn Doors

Options for pole barn doors are not necessarily chosen solely for aesthetics. Of course, pole barn owners want to visually enjoy their pole barn; however, there are other factors to consider. Pole barns are built for a plethora of reasons. A pole barn can be utilized as a garage, recreational center, storage unit, livestock barn, businesses, or even a home. The possibilities are truly endless! Among all the customizations available for the structure—one of the most important is what type of door to install. It is essential to consider which door will make the building most functional for your everyday use. How frequently will you need to enter and exit the pole barn? Will you need an extra-large door for machinery? Is your pole barn strictly used for storage? These are all factors to contemplate. Continue reading to get the inside scoop about the options for pole barn doors!

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Fire Rated Roofing System—Customer Education

‏fire rated roofing system-wagner metal supply

Fire rated roofing system—they are sought after by countless consumers for obvious reasons. Every location in the world experiences its own extreme weather conditions—one of them being wildfires. This unfortunate natural disaster sweeps across the western states obliterating hundreds of homes, businesses, and cities with no mercy. Just in six months of the year 2020, wildfires destroyed 13,887 buildings. Finding the best fireproof materials to incorporate on a home is crucial to maintain precautionary safety. States across the Midwest statistically do not experience wildfires—but it’s not impossible. Incorporating a fire rated roofing system on your home provides incredible protection for years to come. Continue reading to learn more about the fire-resistant qualities a metal roof has to offer. First, let us explain the flame spread scale

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Barndominium Kit Prices

Barndominiums & Pole Barn Kit prices are configured based upon a large variety of variables. The most popular feature about Barndominiums is their ability to be completely customizable. It is frequently asked in the metal construction industry—how much does a Barndominium cost? This question can only be accurately answered with a series of other questions. Some factors can drive the price up, and some factors can drive the price down. It all depends on the choices you make in the building process. Many assume a Barndominium is significantly cheaper than building a traditional home; however, that is not necessarily true. Barndominiums can be cheaper, equal to, or higher than the price of building a typical home. The price of the post frame structure is affordable. The overall Barndominium kit prices will be heavily influenced by your building location, finishes, and choice of builders.

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Increase Your Property Value

Increase your property value— it is a common goal homeowner strive to accomplish. Sprucing up exterior features, renovating an outdated interior, and adding marketable features to your home will all increase property value. Did you know that the best way to add value to your home is by creating extra square footage to the property? One of the best ways to do this is by building a pole barn on your land. Homebuyers—especially in the Midwest—are incredibly attracted to a home with a pole barn included on the property.
Compared to a traditional wooden barn, a pole barn is a multipurpose building. There are never-ending opportunities to transform a pole barn into whatever you choose. When a potential buyer notices a pole barn on the property, they immediately envision how they can take advantage of the space. Pole barns are more than extra square footage. A pole barn can increase your property and make your home further marketable in various ways!

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Metal Roofing in the Winter

Metal Roofs_ Wagner Metal Supply

Metal roofing in the winter may not seem ideal upon initial thought, but this is a misconception. Installing a metal roof in the winter is actually done more frequently than you think. It is not recommended to install asphalt shingle roofing in the winter, so why would it work for metal roofing? This may pose some questions. Why would a company want to stay out in the cold to install a roofing system? Isn’t it dangerous to climb on a roof in the winter? Won’t the cold temperatures alter the integrity of the roofing system? No need to worry—Wagner Metals is here to answer all your questions regarding metal roofing in the winter! Prime metal roofing season is usually between early spring and late fall. Even though this isn’t the dedicated typical time to install your metal roof—it’s still possible.

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Barndominium Home Budgeting Tips

Barndominium home budgeting tips can help you save and spend exactly where you intend to. Budgeting—not everyone loves to do it, but it helps us keep on track with our original thought process. Budgeting and keeping track of expenses is crucial when it comes to Barndominium homes. This is especially important when it comes to finding a bank to finance with. It is easy to keep adding projects to the list when you do not compare it to the price. Whether you like to do it or not—budgeting needs to be done prior to and during your build. Do you want to learn more about the best Barndominium home budgeting tips? We have got you covered!

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Barndominium Features

Barndominium features are much more unique than you will find within a traditional home. Barn homes are innovative, distinctive, and different from any other living structure you will run across. You will never find two barn homes exactly alike. This simple framing method transforms into an immaculate customized home unlike any other out there. Incredible features can be added to this structure to make it one of a kind. Although this structure has endless opportunities, discretion is advised. Look at your city and county code standards. Barn homes are often difficult to be financed because banks have no comparable structure to appraise them to. The same concept will fall into code standards for building. It is essential to guarantee every feature you add to your Barndominium will comply with building code regulation in your area. In the meantime, continue reading to learn more about Barndominium features unique to the structure.

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