April 16, 2021

Barndominium Misconceptions

Barndominium misconceptions—like other types of construction—can stretch a mile long. You may have come across these misconceptions when considering a barndominium build of your own. Developing misconceptions about a particular build can certainly turn you away from your original plans. No need to worry! Wagner Metal Supply is here to deliver the truth about all things barndominiums. We have been serving the community for 10 years, and we’re dedicated to providing education to our customers. Barndominiums are rising in popularity due to their endless design possibilities and sleek aesthetic. Would you like to learn more about barndominiums? Here are the top 3 barndominium misconceptions!

Barndominium Misconceptions #1: Barndominiums are a new concept

Even though barndominium builds are rising in popularity, this is not a new construction concept! The concept of a barndominium dates back to the early 1990s. People initially took previously built barns and turned them into living spaces. Another idea was presented by Karl Nilsen. Nilsen introduced the idea of having a full functioning stable on the first floor with a living quarters on the second floor. The idea was new and innovative, but it didn’t take off, unfortunately. Today, the concept of a barndominium is much different. The barndominiums you see today are newly built from a post frame structure. The structure looks like a barn on the outside, but it has a fully functioning home on the inside. The concept of a barndominium was created decades ago, but we take a fresh new vision on the build today.

Barndominium Misconceptions #2: Barndominiums limit my design options

This misconception is false! One of the key reasons homeowners choose to build a barndominium is because of the endless design opportunities. The structure is created with the post frame method. Post frame buildings don’t require load-bearing walls because the support is found in the vertical beams. With no load-bearing walls getting in the way, the space is wide open to create the space to be exactly how you please. Barndominiums are more like building a custom home. There are truly no limits on how you can finish your barndominium!

Barndominium Misconceptions #3: Barndominiums are cheaperbut harder to financ

A barndominium—like all custom homes—range in prices based upon your wants and needs. What exactly are you comparing the price to? In some instances, a barndominium can be cheaper than a conventional home; however, other times they may not be! What kind of customer are you? Are you the minimalist customer that can settle with basic standard finishes, or are you the customer that prefers premium finishes? Much of what you decide to customize will reflect the cost of your barndominium.
Another misconception is that barndominiums are hard to finance. Post frame structures are being built now more than ever before. The structure is more popular today than it was years ago, so it isn’t difficult to find a bank to finance the construction. Most banks will finance a barndominium and other post frame structures, but it’s been shown that its best to finance with a local bank for your build. Are you interested in a post frame barndominium build of your own? Call Wagner Metal Supply to get started today!