May 6, 2021

Backyard Makeover

A backyard makeover will bring life to your outdoor living space. There are endless ways to transform your backyard into your personal retreat—especially if you’re beginning with a blank slate! Backyard retreats are the perfect location for family gatherings, barbeques, and a relaxing place to enjoy the weather after work. No matter the budget—high or low—every homeowner can renovate their outdoor living space.

Privacy fence

Privacy may be close to none when you live in town. A great way to create the illusion of a secluded space would be to add a privacy fence. Privacy fences can be built with wooden planks, vinyl, or even metal. The height of a privacy fence typically runs from 6 to 8 feet tall. Homeowners can get creative with paint color or stains for the fence as well. A privacy fence is a great way to disclose your outdoor living space, but it’s also useful to contain household pets.


A kitchen with a sliding door that leads out to a deck is a hot commodity in homes. A deck is elevated from the ground, so you don’t have to mess with excessive digging. Adding a deck to your backyard creates a great space for additional seating. Decks can be used as an outdoor eating area, a place to lounge, or an area to relax by the pool. A deck—much like a privacy fence—can be customized in many ways. Decks can be stained or painted with virtually any color you wish.


Creating a space for a patio in your backyard can help you achieve the backyard makeover of your dreams. Patios, unlike wooden decks, can be done with a plethora of materials. One of the most common methods of creating a patio space is pouring concrete. If you don’t prefer the smooth finish of the concrete patio, it can be stamped to create texture and design. Patios can also be created with bricks, pavers, or flagstone. Choosing these materials gives the homeowner a variety of design options to choose from. Unlikecement, you can get much more creative with these materials! Bricks, pavers, and flagstone can be laid in several designs to construct your patio exactly how you prefer.


Pergolas are a beautiful architectural piece to add to your backyard makeover. It’s also a great opportunity to provide shade to your outdoor living space. The pergola itself may not provide a ton of shade to an area because the boards are separated. However, it changes the game when a retractable shade is added to the top. Pergola shades come in many designs to add your personal character to your backyard oasis.

Finishing design touches

The finishing décor touches will put the icing on the cake! This is where homeowners can make their outdoor living space unique to their personal style. Custom landscape will give your backyard space life! Whether you choose to plant flowers, lay mulch, or plant evergreen trees, landscaping will make your backyard makeover complete. Next comes outdoor furniture. Placing outdoor furniture on a patio or deck creates additional seating options for guests, and creates a welcoming relaxing space. One of the leading outdoor living space trends is to hang lights throughout the backyard. Hanging outdoor lights creates a charming essence when you’re lounging outdoors late at night. In most homes across the Midwest, you’ll find a fire pit! Great times are always bound to happen while gathered around the fire with your friends and family.

How will you approach a backyard makeover?

Like any home renovation, everything is customizable to your wants and needs! Think about how your family uses the space, come up with some inspiration, and get to work! A backyard makeover can make your outdoor space more functional and enjoyable than ever before.